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Thread: Magnolia by Naked Ape

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    Magnolia by Naked Ape

    Title: Magnolia
    Author/Artist: Naked Ape
    Year: 2010
    Publisher: Kodansha
    Serialized in: Aria
    Scanlation: On-going @ Omari's Sister
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Romance, Shoujo

    Crown "Prince" Ayato is neither male or female, but at the age of 16 must choose a gender. Why does Ayato have a pair of "wings" on "his" back and what will "he" lose when "he" falls in love?

    Personal Thoughts:
    This manga is really intriguing for me which is why I keep on reading and get annoyed when the latest chapter is not up yet. I'm also intrigued by gender confusion here. I want him to be a her (for the romance), but there's also advantage if he is to be a he (for the plot). Even though in the middle things getting creepier (I'm just really creeped out by some revelations, okay?), I just can't stop reading. Even though Ayato is the main character, I love it that the other characters are pretty fleshed out too; they have their own struggles and secrets (though some are really creeping me out... Okay, I got to stop saying it), to the point that I think Ayato is the only innocent character around. So far I'm still desperate for the next chapter since the latest chapter is left hanging open!

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