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Thread: One Piece Strength Evaluation Project

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    One Piece Strength Evaluation Project

    I want to start a project that evaluate characters that had shown enough feats that we can evaluate on rather than speculate about hype characters (like Big Mam). I will consider the 4 areas: Attack, Defense, Movement, and the Mind.

    The grading is 1 to 5. Poor-1, Below Average- 2, Average- 3, Good- 4, Excellent- 5, and Hax- 6.
    6 is only giving out to feats that cannot be imitate by pure training. I will go in more details in the areas.

    No need to read the below, though it explain the column of numbers.

    Spoiler show

    What I really really need help with is how to scale each component like which canon feat would be consider average for the One Piece verse. So discuss people, what feats do you consider is average for each of the categories. For an example, should CP9's Soru is above average or just average in the One Piece verse.

    Also, how should the point be distribute? Should it be Attack 25% Defense 25% Movement 25% and the Mind 25%. Or should Movement and the Mind contribute less in the overall score due to less impact in a battle??? Also considering the components distribution.

    Each areas in semi details.
    Spoiler show

    Since Whitebeard is the easiest character to evaluate, I will attempt to do him first.
    The orange parts meant I am not so sure about.
    Spoiler show
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    Re: One Piece Strength Evaluation Project

    interesting.i will try to contribute as soon as i it some kind of dota spinoff?
    the artist reveals and i revel.

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