I think it might be interesting to collect Mashima's inspiration for character designs and such which - to me - apparently comes more from his addiction to video games rather than Jump manga like One Piece, doesn't it?

This thread is not to spoil Fairy Tail for others nor to bash neither authors nor works.

I mean most stuff comes from his earlier work (as already assessed in an old thread) but comparing Kirijou Mitsuru from the Persona 3 video game to Elsa brings up some striking resemblance. (Persona 3 was released in July 2006, Fairy Tail started in August 2006)

Spoiler: not Elsa show

Or are both of them just modelled based on some other prototype?

And his dragons - and Elsa's armors - look like they come right out of Monster Hunter video games. Which is probably the reason why he was chosen to make that Monster Hunter Orage manga. ^^

But is there actually more we probably don't get?