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Thread: Grisha

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    Re: Grisha

    I'm thinking the reason titans barf is b/c they must eat family members/whatever Grisha was, to become a shifter
    Since titans are too dumb to process peoples faces, they just eat whoever, but since i thnk eren ate grisha, Grisha must have something that reverts the titan effects, or maybe it's just because they are related

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    Re: Grisha

    Quote Quote:
    I'm thinking the reason titans barf is b/c they must eat family members/whatever Grisha was, to become a shifter
    Even though i don't like the idea here some thoughts to this:

    What if the Serum that Grisha gave Eren had this very function instead of
    having to eat a family member he got it straight into the vein...

    Now to what i originally wanted to talk about

    Mikasa's and Levi's superior 3DMG abilities,
    Eren's Titantransformation and his tempered memories...
    we mainly think of Geographia as someone who has a memory-altering
    ability but if we don't think of that as some kind of magic
    but technology that may be the key to understand
    the afore mentioned things.
    Not just memories but the whole human physiologie could be
    changed and considering how Eren, Mikasa and Levi are connected
    that does kinda make sense. Grisha was (regulary?) visitig the Ackermans
    who knows what kind of child-vaccinations Mikasa got
    and Levi was trained by a special-ops Commander who leads a secret
    anti-human 3DMG corps, who knows what kind of dope they get?
    Then comes the whole titan creation thing. If some people have the
    power to mess with something as complex as the human brain it's
    believable that they can with enough genius/the right manual create titans.
    and if humans are prepared with vaccation like those in Connie's village they
    might even be turned into Titan's by a simple (telepatic) command or the roar
    (right frequency) of the Ape-titan or something like that (coordinate) -
    maybe even brought to form >100km wide circles transform and harden
    to create the walls.

    And "To You, 2000 Years From Now" might not be a reference to the story
    being told in past tense but could instead refer to whatever information
    Grisha found in the Basement. If we consider the story taking place
    in the 15 - 16 th century that also ties everything together with
    Germanic themes of Ice Giants and might be a hint that ~500BC Titans
    were roaming and whoever rode to the future new that they would
    awaken again...

    Talking about telepathy and titans i might as well mention this:
    what if titans live/are traped not just in a dream like Eren's dreams
    and flashbacks from his transformations suggest but if the share it
    considering that titans don't age that would make them the ideal
    virtual reality gear.

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    Re: Grisha

    Given what we know now about factions outside the walls (There's at least 2, likely 3 factions. RBA Warrior Faction, Ymir Faction, and Apey Faction) does it seem likely that Grisha was a kind of Sleeper Agent working for a faction trying to conquer the King inside the walls? Would it make sense that he'd be aligned with Ymir's faction, since Eren's Titan and Ymir's have some superficial similarities?

    I think its likely Grisha knows the secrets of Titan origins, and that of the walls as well. He was also capable of giving Eren a titan with a serum, so he has a great deal of practical knowledge of how to make titans (he knows more than just a general understanding of their origins).

    He does seem to genuinely care about his family, so its likely he's not aligned with the RBA faction since he didn't have a warning as to thier arrival.

    Since Apey doesn't know about 3DMG, it doesn't seem likely that Grisha's been reporting on recent events within the wall.

    So the best bet seems to be that Grisha got his knowledge about Titans and the outside world by being aligned with Ymir's faction. This is how he got the bio-technology to turn Eren into a Titan.

    My username honor's Balto-go's awesome Japanese pronunciation of a certain SnK Garrison Commander's name.

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