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Thread: Gone with the wind.

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    Re: Gone with the wind.

    Quote Originally Posted by yukihime03 View Post
    That film really shows off Norway huh...

    It's not that Indonesia doesn't have beautiful vistas too, in fact, there are lots of them, but why oh why... so many beaches. I hate beaches. I never go to Bali, our most famous tourist spot, despite the fact that I lived quite close before (just less than one hour away by airplane) just because I despise beaches.
    We do have some mountains but some are still active, it's scary. But I did travel to some mountain areas because I love mountains, lakes, waterfalls and stuffs.
    But I suppose mountains in this part of the world will be different from the northern ones. Different climates and vegetations, I think. I really want to get away from this hot climate and jungles. I want to try cooler climate and forests! Norway has lots of mountains, right?

    "Europe's most northern spot", eh... At least I've been in the "Earth's middle spot" (the equator line, you know).
    uuuuuh, Norway is basically "ONLY" mountains XD It's a reason the dialects differ so heavily in our country, since back in old times people were "cut off" from each other by massive mountains and harsh travel methods. I mean look at maps:

    Norway is basically "the crap Sweden didn't want to deal with". The only part that is relatively flat all over is the eastern part of the Oslo fjord and around the fjord in general. Like you can see especially on the second picture.

    Yeah I'd assume vegetation is very different in the forests/mountains. After all the climate is "harsher" and colder. Why do you hate beaches btw? XD

    Haha, well the most northern spot is nothing special really but a cool landmark to have visited IMO XD But that equator line tho~

    Btw I like this picture I took once upon a time

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    Re: Gone with the wind.

    Quote Originally Posted by yukihime03 View Post
    <img src= border=0 alt= />

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