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Tze. Thise are not the same.

No but I have to stand the whole day. So my feet have to endure my weight for such a long time.

Nah real in terms of nice shape, no boobzillas or silicon. 2D/3D doesn't matter here. Small boobs are still the best though.

Hmm... I think it would be fun.
What makes yours so special? XD

Standing is annoying, but not really comparable to walking, because standing only puts strain on the muscles and the sole of your feet. Walking harms the skin too, that's why my feet look kinda funny atm x'D

Real isn't a good term then, there are real boobzilla's too but I get your point

Not sure, but I can see why you would say that. I guess Fate route would be fine for me, HF... just no, considering all the stuff he has to go through.