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But of course. It is something I really want to achive.

Sure but I did want something with a lot of action and fighting.

Yes. That.

No but I lived like that for a long time. I don't start to care again just because I have a geregelten Tagesablauf again.

Saber in that maid outfit...
Well then don't take the easy way and refresh your memory/learn beforehand, that way you're sure to get the result you're wishing for

Then you have to live with the risk of possibly dying

Perfectionism is utopian anyway, but I know that feel

I guess you will get used to that with time, or so I would hope XD

That's all you have to say? It's full of awesome goodies~

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I liked your previous set more.
Wow a wild Nuno appeared in my thread! I guess that alone was worth changing my set

The previous one was Gintama, ofc you like it more. Chose my current set in kind of a hurry, but I like how it is now. As a Fate fanboy who just finished the sequel Fate/Hollow Ataraxia I had to use a set from that, my bad~