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Thread: "Tenshi Sekai"- can you help me with a story?!

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    Lightbulb "Tenshi Sekai"- can you help me with a story?!

    Hello everyone I'm new here in this forum and I joined to get opinions about a story I wrote.
    pleas criticize me as you like and give me honest comments about my story.

    Tenshi Sekai

    Takeru Honoda, 16 years old, died by accident while trying to save someone.
    After his death an Angel named Sakura, a beautiful and kind girl appeared before him
    to guide his soul to a new world unknown to any human alive, a world where angels and devil coexist. In the meanwhile our Perverted minded hero had only one thought on his mind:" I have to make this women mine!". When he finally understood that for his goal he need to become the strongest being among angels, a "god" he decided to take the challenge.
    What will happened to our perverted hero? Will he make it?...

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    Re: "Tenshi Sekai"- can you help me with a story?!

    ZOMG, so he wants to become a God to have his own supernatural harem? xD If that's a gag manga, it looks promising. I think that the dialogues and twists will be much important, then.

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