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Thread: Sharing my "Viz"-modified subtitles for the first OVA of the 1999 anime

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    Sharing my "Viz"-modified subtitles for the first OVA of the 1999 anime

    I've been working on these for a little while and I thought that I might share them for those who wanted some more accurate subtitles for the first OVA of the 1999 anime. Credit for base subs and timings go to Yellow-Flash.

    Basically what I've done is I've gone through every line of dialogue for every episode of the first OVA and I've corrected most of the grammatical errors, along with translation inconsistencies. I've made it so the translation is more consistent with Viz's translation of the anime and manga, both of which I own. While making these subtitles, I methodically cross-referenced both my anime DVDs and my manga volumes to create as seamless of an experience as possible.

    No personal liberties were taken while editing these subtitles. Every change made was to create a more "accurate" and "canon" experience.

    Some examples:

    -Genei Ryodan has been changed to Phantom Troupe.

    -Ryuusei has been changed to Meteor City.

    -Some of the Phantom Troupe members names were changed. (Frankrin to Franklin, Bonorenov to Bonolenov, etc)

    -Tons of other minor name changes. E.g. Kurapica to Kurapika, Senritsu to Melody, Squalla to Squala, etc

    -Chain-user has been changed to Chain-dude.

    -Ringon Airport changed to Lingon Airport. Many other similar translation corrections were made. (Too many to list)

    -Honorifics have been removed.

    -Some Nen terminology had to be redone due to many translation inconsistencies. (Yellow-Flash subs mixed up Materialization and Conjuration quite a bit)

    -The prophecy also had to be almost entirely redone due to many translation errors, and to be more inline with what was written in the anime and the manga.

    Tons of other changes as well. Feel free to try these subtitles out for yourself and tell me what you think. If you see any errors or have any suggestions, let me know!


    (P.S. Please don't turn this into a 1999 vs 2011 debate. Both series are fantastic.)
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