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Thread: Mak Crashes the Scene

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner
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    Mak Crashes the Scene

    Greetings and salutations.

    I don't know a ton about manga or anything, so I'm really just here to learn. Please educate me well and don't abuse my trust.

    I'm so fragile.

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    Registered User MH中毒 / MH Chuudoku / MH Addicted gnut's Avatar
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    Re: Mak Crashes the Scene

    whattup Mak...
    it depends on what you are looking for...
    shonen if you don't want the adult content...not necessarily x-rated but gore/language/etc

    seinen if you want more adult complex storylines/situations....just take a peek at the top headings and read a few bios on the featured mangas

    i recommend Berserk for seinen and Fullmetal Alchemist for shonen...but there are so many others

    happy hunting and see around the forum....check this place out
    Look around you carefully. Strain your eyes at the darkness around us... At the darkness around me. You said anywhere but here. This is where, here, at the border. Gathered by the winds. Those who have met their final destiny hanging between jealousy and regret. Those who failed, swept together here. You say it doesnt matter where. If you follow me, this is where you'll go. This is your eden.

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    Intl Translator 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member Michalv's Avatar
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    Re: Mak Crashes the Scene

    Welcome to MH! (Your name sounds like Macaroni XD)

    I do think that Manga is all about fun whenever you read, and also if you read you also learn something

    Just try to read some mangas, and I agree with gnut that it depends on what genre that you're looking for.

    Happy reading !

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