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Thread: ToG Section’s Lighthouse (SIU Blog Posts & ToG Info)

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    Tower of God ToG Section’s Lighthouse (SIU Blog Posts & ToG Info)

    Hey ToG community!

    This thread will contain various information - such as blog posts, High Ranker profiles, Zahard Princesses - regarding our beloved series. It will/should serve as a compact and small databank. I will try to keep it up to date, especially the chapter blog posts from SIU.

    The content of this thread was put together as the whim took me. I didn’t follow any strict criteria. However, I welcome every PM with suggestions. If you think that an important subject is missing, please don’t hesitate to inform me. But don’t be mistaken, this is and will not be a wiki.

    I’m not the translator of the information posted in this thread, but rather searched, collected and put them together. Additionally, I made some minor improvements, refinements and changes, so that you will have an easy time to navigate and read through this thread.

    - | ToG Section’s Lighthouse | -
    • Part 1 Chapter Blog Posts:
    Spoiler show

    • Part 2 Chapter Blog Posts:
    Spoiler show

    • Gossips:
    Spoiler show

    • Questions and Answers from SIU during the hiatus between 04. May 2014 and 21. July 2014:
    Spoiler show

    • Questions and Answers from SIU’s fancafe:
    Spoiler show

    Spoiler show

    • High Ranker Profiles:
    Spoiler show

    • The 10 Great Families:
    Spoiler show

    • Zahard Princesses:
    Spoiler show

    • The 13 Month Series:
    Spoiler show

    • Wolhaiksong:
    Spoiler show

    • FUG:
    Spoiler show

    • The 3 Monarchs System:
    Spoiler show

    • The Workshop:
    Spoiler show

    • Positions:
    Spoiler show

    • Name differences between Scanlators and LINE Webtoon:
    Spoiler show

    • Links to wiki-entries about general topics:
    Spoiler show
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