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Thread: Stuck while trying to preview

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    Stuck while trying to preview

    Hi, I'm new! xD
    I tried writing my first post, but when I clicked on preview, it told me to log in (though of course I should have been logged already, as I was on the post page) and I did. Then, I saw the preview for a split-second, then it just became an empty page. I tried reloading the page several times, but it stays empty. :/
    I spent an hour writing this post (since it's my first, I wanted to make a good impression), so I don't wanna start from the beginning again. It should still exist, as I DID see the preview for a very short moment, but how do I recover it?

    Oh, oops! Going back fixed it. I was just too scared to do so, as I've tried it before in similar situations on other pages and ended up losing the text I had written forever. This time it worked though! ^^
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