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Thread: The 4 Gods Of Ishgar - The Strongest Wizard Saints

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    The 4 Gods Of Ishgar - The Strongest Wizard Saints

    With the new Manga release of Mavis Vermillions Past and History, I thought I will start a new threat about the 4 Gods Of Ishgar.

    So all the the Founders of Fairy Tail Precht Gaebolg (also known as Purehito, 2nd Master of Fairy Tail and Master of Grimoire Heart), Mavis Vermillion (The Fairy Tactitian, 1st Master of Fairy Tail), Warrod Sequen (4th ranked Wizard Saint) and Yurij Dreyar (Father of Makarov) are now known by name and appeareance.

    Since with Warrod Sequen, we already have 1 God of Ishgar among the Founders, I personally think we have another God among them, namely Yurij Dreyar. Because if you look at the Founder's Photo wich was taken right after they finished the First Guild Building and at the Picture where the 4 Gods Of Ishgar's silhouettes are shown, you can find a Person among the the Gods, who is from the structure and at least hair style comparable to Yurij. And given the fact, that Warrod, even in his high age, is still alive and ranked among the Saints as well as Yurij's existence was not known to anyone, it is highly possible that Yurij could still be alive as well and maybe even be the most powerful Wizard Saint Ranked 1st, since we know that the Dreyar Lineage seems to consist of really powerful Mages themselves.

    And seeing the new release of Mavis' Story, I guess, that the remaining 3 Gods along with Warren, seem to definitely make an appearance soon (maybe in the war against E.N.D or in the destruction of the 3000 Faces?!) and that something big is going to happen.

    What is your opinion?.
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