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Thread: Envy hides more than you think

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    Envy hides more than you think

    Warning: Anime AND Manga spoilers

    I noticed something funny about Envy: We don't know if it's a he or a she....actually it's possible it's neither of them. After all, in the anime he was a HE, but it's no the same in the the manga it's the encarnation father's envy...And that's somethig else to talk about: Envy hates humans, and as IT is pure envy (dah) i asume it envies humans...therefore Father envies humans...why the hell would father envy humans??????? I mean, you'd think that it's because he's lock down there...but envy isn't so...why?

    Envy claims to hate humans for their weakness and stupidity...but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with envy, I mean greed is greedy, gluttony is always hungry, pride considers himself better than his 'brothers', sloth hates working and lust is obiously suposed to be hot...wrath and envy, don't seem to show this name-personality relation (specially wrath, I think)

    So...that's it: why does envy envies humans??? and is it a he or a she???

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    Re: Envy hides more than you think

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