Those of you who prefer reading the manga in Japanese (is there even anyone? xD), where do you get the chapters?
I know one site that regularly updates the manga (, but sometimes it takes them up to a week to upload the current chapter and I don't like refreshing the page every day, just to find it's not there.
I'm sure there are other places to find it, but my google searches haven't brought up anything. It's driven me to despair!
So, can someone enlighten me?

I know it sounds like a luxury problem, when I could just read the chapters in English. It's just that, being (more or less) able to understand the original, I don't wanna read a translation. :/
Besides, I've gotten to like the Japanese writing style. There are so many hard to translate lines and some meaning inevitably gets lost when it's translated to another language... that's kinda sad, but it's also part of its beauty.