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Thread: Question

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    Is there a scanlation/translation group that listens to / takes requests?

    There are quite a few series out there which are very good and it seems quite a waste for them to lie in obscurity and remain unread and untouched when there are half a dozen groups spending their time scanlating Bleach/Naruto.


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    Re: Question

    Because groups are made up of fans, a group will normally work on what it's members want to. Therefore it is not a surprise that a lot of people want to work on popular stuff, because they have lots of fans.

    The point I want to here is:
    If you want to make requests, suit up and do some work, then people might listen, because the best way to get something done is to help work towards it getting done.

    There might be some a group that does requests, but I don't know of any... That do it for free.

    Also, I think you might have wanted to put this in Questions and Requests for Scanlators.
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