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Thread: Bettenchi - Chapter 12

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    Bettenchi - Chapter 12


    ( 別天地 )

    Chapter 12 - Winged Angel : Beginning

    Scene shows unknown Demon coming from the entrance of Shadow Gates in meadow

    Demon turn around and stops. He's staring at one spot , not making any moves

    Demon : *Mabataki...

    Suddenly Demon dissapears


    Hitsuga tells Miyuki to try short release like Hisashi did minute go

    Hitsuga : Just do what I say , put your hand on your necklace and concentrate , try to free it .

    Miyuki : Mmm...ooookk

    Miyuki places her hand on the necklace

    Miyuki ( thoughts ) : ...necklace spirit... I free you !!! free...

    Miyuki lets down her hand

    Miyuki : I dont think

    Hitsuga ( thoughts ) : Damn, cmon...make it happen

    Hitsuga : Try again Miyuki .

    Miyuki trys again

    But all of a sudden they have felt someone near them

    Hisashi : !!!

    Hitsuga : !!!

    Miyuki : !!!

    They turned around and saw a demon staring at them

    Hitsuga : Sh** !!! Get ready , he's no ordinary demon !!!

    Hitsuga ( thoughts ) : Damn it !!! They are not this level...

    Hisashi : Whats wrong Hitsuga ? Lets attack him together !!!

    Miyuki : ...its so cold...

    Hitsuga : *Aisu-kurisutaru !!!

    Hitsuga throws ice spear at demon

    Demon : hmh...

    Demon moves away and avoids it

    Hitsuga : *Aisu-hirogari !!!

    Ice spear trasforms into many small objects reaching demons arm

    Some ice crystals got attached to it

    Hitsuga : *Furi-zu !!!

    Suddenly demons arm gets frozen , it looks like ice crystal

    Hitsuga : Hisashi !!! Do it !!!

    Hisashi appears near demon , part-released

    Hisashi : *Akari !!!

    In a big surprise Demon moves his frozen hand , and ice falls into small peaces .

    Demon catches Hisashi had which he wanted to hit with

    Hisashi : What !!!

    Demon pulls Hisashi closer and hits him with his right knee

    Hisashi : Uh !!!

    Hisashi is flying away from hit

    Demon : *Mabataki...

    Demon vanishes and appears behind Hisashi hitting him with his right foot

    Hisashi : Gwah !!!

    Hisashi spits some blood from his mouth and falls on the ground

    Miyuki : Hisashi !!!

    Miyuki : Come on !!! Necklace spirit I need your help !!!

    Hitsuga is shocked after seeing Demon beating up Hisashi

    Hitsuga : ... Ahrgh !!!

    Hitsuga starts running towards demon

    Hitsuga : *Aisu-kurisutaru !!!!!

    Hitsuga throws two spears at demon and continues running at him

    Demon : ...too slow

    Demon catches both spears and cruches them

    Hitsuga : *Rikka !!!

    Hitsuga starts glowing in white

    Glowing dissapears and his clothes gets covered in hoarfrost

    Demon is waiting for Hitsuga to get closer, he's standing still

    Demon : Lets see what you can...

    Hitsuga : Aaaaa!!!

    They grapple each other with hands

    Demon : ???

    Hitsuga punches Demon , demon hands covers in hoarfrost and begings turning into ice

    Hitsuga ( angry ) : ...freak!!!

    Hoarfrost continues covering demons body , demons fingers turned into ice

    Demon : I have a name ... its Reko...

    Suddenly Reko's tail end appears in front of Hitsuga's face

    Reko : *Kuro-raikou...

    Black energy ball starts gathering on tail's end , dark lightning covers it

    Hitsuga : o.o

    Hitsuga : *Aisu-toku !!!

    Black beam and lightning covers Hitsuga , making him fly together with beam .

    Hitsuga falls on the ground

    His head is bleeding a little

    He's standing up

    Reko : You managed to make a shield that fast... not bad

    Miyuki ( scared ) : ...I cant...I cant do anything...

    Hisashi appeared behind Reko

    Hisashi : *Akari !!!

    His fist attack reached

    Hisashi jumps back

    Hisashi : O.O

    Reko : ...weak...

    Reko runs near Hisashi and appears in front of him in a second

    Hisashi : Damn...

    Reko punches Hisashi's stomach with his right hand and throws him away

    Miyuki ( almost crying ) : No...please us...

    Hitsuga : Miyuki take Hisashi and get out of here !!! He's much more stronger than those you met before !!! Go !!! Now !!!

    Hitsuga ( thoughts ) : That demon, he's one of them... It seems I will have to use that...

    Reko uses Mabataki and teleports near Hisashi , he's unconscious.

    He lifts him up and throws near Hitsuga

    Hitsuga ( thoughts ) : I cant wait any longer...

    Miyuki runs closer and stand up before them , wanting to protect them

    Miyuki : STOP !!! Dont come any closer !!!

    Reko : hmmm... do you wish to die ?

    Hitsuga : Get out of here Miyuki !!! Its too dangerous !!!

    Miyuki : No !!! I wont be able to get away ... I cant let you die...

    Reko : You three have accepted the death...

    Reko rises his hand

    Reko : Meet your death...

    Scene ends with Reko gathering a red/yellow ball in his left hand

    Reko <---- Click HERE

    Attacks :

    *Mabataki - twink , Demons ability to use kigai for a teleportation to some areas .
    *Aisu-kurisutaru - ice crystal , user concentrates his kigai and makes spear shaped ice spear . User can throw it and stab the enemy .
    *Aisu-hirogari - ice spread , transforms thrown spear into small ice objetcs.
    *Furi-zu - freeze , if crystal attaches to an opponent, with this ability user can froze opponents body parts .
    *Akari - a light , gathers kigai in one of your body part ( leg ,hand , fist etc ) . May couse high psychical damage .
    *Rikka - snow , level 1 power release . Increases users speed , power . Allows user to use more dangerous attacks.
    *Kuro-raikou - dark lightning, user gathers dark/black energy on his tail's end and strikes his opponent with black beam and lightning around it .
    *Aisu-toku - ice shield , increased soul shield . Good against direct attacks.

    Next time : Chapter 13 - Winged Angel: Flutter
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