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Thread: Hitsugaya vs Ulquiorra

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    Re: Hitsugaya vs Ulquiorra

    I think that's just indication that the animation team fucked up

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    Re: Hitsugaya vs Ulquiorra

    Quote Originally Posted by kamakazi_1996 View Post
    that wasn't a cero oscuras, it was red, cero oscuras isblack
    i checked the anime because i wasn't really sure if it was or wasn't a CO seeing as how the manga is black and white
    i hate to disagree with by using anime evidence but at the start (first 30 seconds) it clearly shows an average red cero being charged up in his mouth not a black cero.
    Even if the manga is black and white, no cero looks like that besides Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras.

    All the anime did was change the Cero Oscuras to a regular Cero. They're allowed to change stuff and/or add stuff .

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