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Thread: Gantz RPG Online [Update: Almost Done]

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    Gantz RPG Online [Update: Almost Done]

    I've almost completed GantzO, but I require creative assistance to devise the following:

    Boss Monster & Related Minions! These will be drawn for people's imagination, described with a witty biography (common quotes included), and possess certain vulnerabilities.
    Map designs of urban (or alternate) locations! The map will have a second layer of hexes for tracking movement, along with letters to the left and numbers above to monitor/plan positions easily.
    Weapon Designs! I've already created various new weapons, but hey, what's more of an incentive than a large Gantz firearm? Plus, it lets the gameplay have further diversity!

    If you're interested in this project I have conceived, please contact me via PM to provide your e-mail and/or MSN!
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