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Thread: Zero by Lim Dal Young & Park Sung Woo

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    [Seongin]Zero by IM Dal Young and PARK Sung Woo (V.10)

    Is anyone else reading this?

    MH doesn't have the first chapters, but I have to say this series is very good, not at the level of Shin Angyo Onshi, but nothing really is in that level.

    I am a sucker for Mahwa, specially Seinen (THe plots ROCK) is a shame that only manga gets the attention... If you are tired of Cliches, maybe you should give them a chance...
    Give me a GOOD plot progression KUBO!!!

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    Re: Zero by IM Dal Young and PARK Sung Woo

    Yeah I am reading this, and i think it's great !!!!!!
    Truth be told, it's my first time reading manhwa, so i don't have any element of comparison, but.... yeah ^^"

    Is chapter 53 the last one out?
    If u wanna read the first chapters just go there (though i assume u might have found this site already...)

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