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Thread: Human Auction Game - Discussion Thread

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    Human Auction Game - Discussion Thread

    So, since Liar game has resumed now I thought I'd create a thread to keep track of thoughts about the new arc.

    So, Yokoya is still showing his incredible knowledge of the Liar Game System and Fukunaga is in debt - it's all coming down to this!

    Also, anyone else find it interesting that Yokoya picked the first place (and got second) and Akiyama picked and got last place in the ghost lottery thing?

    EDIT: Didn't notice the new chapter discussion stickied - can a mod delete this please?
    Last edited by Kazu-Sama; April 15, 2014 at 11:54 AM. Reason: Needs deleting!

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    Re: Liar Game - new game thread

    It's okay for this thread to stay as it is, chapter discussions are limited to one chapter, this however can be used to discuss the whole game an implications of past chapters as well. No need to delete this thread. I'll just rename it. Human Auction Game discussion.

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