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Thread: Manga Artist wanted for completed story.

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    Confused Manga Artist wanted for completed story.

    Hi! I'm Nyctitropist, lol. I'm looking for an artist for my books. I've written two now. The first Empyrean: The Epic of Raiden is published, but isn't exactly what I want it to be. I believe it would do better as a manga, so I'm looking for and artist, or artists, who can draw for me. I'm all about giving credit where due, so there's no worry there. I just want to bring a good story to the world.

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    Re: Manga Artist wanted for completed story.

    Hi Nyctitropist, I am not an artist myself, but I decided to look up your book out of curiosity.

    While many of the artists here are very talented, I don't think any of them are professionals, most are just amateurs that draw/color as a hobby.
    You would probably have a better chance at DeviantArt, or if you're really ambitious by contacting Marvel/DC and attempting to get your book published as a comic (many artists that work for them, also present their art on DeviantArt, and you could probably contact them directly)

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