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Thread: DGM fanstory ~ Volume 4 "Deadly Menuet" [Chapter 61- Chapter 80]

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    DGM fanstory ~ Volume 4 "Deadly Menuet" [Chapter 61- Chapter 80]

    I kind of felt like putting Volume 4 together in this thread. Just as snoogen/rhapsody blue I may put the chapters into a pdf.-file to read. For the time being, I'll post all chapters belonging to volume 4 here:

    Spoiler:  Chapter 61: "Thunder Gods and Ice Queens" By Raijatsu show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 62: "Rock Song" by Rosalefay show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 63: "My salvation be with you" by koenosaki show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 64: "Breaking the chains that bind" by rhapsody blue show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 65: "Play dead" by Tune show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 66: "My angel" by djmewmew show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 67: "Tow sides of the same coin" by schwindelmagier show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 68: "Destiny dances as death watches" by rhapsody blue show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 69: "He who defies God" by Athrunzala show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 70: "A desease called hope, a cure called death" by Raijatsu show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 71: "Phoenix" by rosalefay show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 72: "Behind that innocent smile lies a mischievious devil" by rhapsody blue show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 73: "A house of cards" by deathshadow show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 74: "A game of darts" by djmewmew show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 75: "Conflict" by schwindelmagier show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 76: "A punishment called hope" by raijatsu show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 77: "The mad methods of a twisted mind" by rhapsody blue show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 78: "The Exorcist's struggle" by deathshadow show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 79: "Nothing personal" by rosalefay show

    Spoiler:  Chapter 80: "End of religion" by raijatsu show
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