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Thread: Urahara+ vs Gotei 13

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    Urahara+ vs Gotei 13

    Location: SS
    Distance: 30 meters
    Mindset: IC with killing intent
    Knowledge: manga
    Restrictions: None
    Special Conditions: Using his unique methods to strengthen his reiastu, Urahara obtained 2 times his normal reiastu level. Lets assume that's half a level higher than Shunsui, for this thread. He also studied Tsukishima's fullbring, The Royal Guard member's zanpakatou creation technique, As Nodt arrows, Quincy abilities and Shinji's zanpakatou. He put Sakanade's, and BOTE's abilities in his benihime and learned how to use arrows similar to As Nodt arrows , after finishing his studies.

    Shinji is replaced with Gin. Mayuri is replaced with Masked Tousen. Yama doesn't deem him worthy to fight until after he beats the entire Gotei 13, other than him. Urahara does Aizen's thing and diverts their attention with small talk until he releases Sakanade's ability.
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