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Thread: Ping by Chong Kyu Lee and Kim Yun Kyung

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    Ping by Chong Kyu Lee and Kim Yun Kyung

    Promising little manwha. Not quite Veritas level promising, but it's not bad. Nice intriguing story and hopefully we'll be seeing strides forward in regards to the artwork, which I must say isn't bad, but could be improved upon. Any readers on board?
    *Have you taken a look at Onepunch-Man? You should consider it, it's a great manga!

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    Re: Ping by CHONG Kyu Lee and KIM Yun Kyung

    I've read that manga, and it does show promise. The story has some interesting features to it and the art is good, but sadly like many good manga/manhwa scans take forever to come out. Looking forward to it in the future.

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