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Thread: FMA Calendars

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    FMA Calendars

    Among the many things I look forward with every new year is the calendars of my favorite manga and anime series. And the FMA calendars are no exception. So here is a topic to post all the calendars of this incredible series. (Manga or anime, old or new, all type of FMA calendars are welcome)

    Here’s my contribution to this thread:

    Fullmetal Alchemist Comic Special Calendar 2010.

    Thanks to Fr0zen for the calendar!

    FMA: Brotherhood 'A' Calendar 2010

    Thanks to Kale Mustang for the pics and the links!
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    Thank you so much for my cute avy GenjiChan!

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    Re: FMA Calendars

    6 wallpapers for the year 2010, these were released every two months at the Gangan magazine website.

    - -

    - -

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