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Thread: Need help translating a phrase.

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    Need help translating a phrase.

    I can't seem to understand what "目から熱帯魚が飛び出そ" means.
    It roughly translates to "tropical fish are flying out of my eyes" but that doesn't make any sense considering the context. Is it a pun on 目から鱗が落ちる which means "I've awaken to the truth"?

    I've put it as "It’s like the truth is flying at my eyes." and noted it as a pun for now.

    It's from Dead Soul Revolver volume 1 chapter 5 page 168.
    Any help would be awesome.

    Link to the page:
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    Re: Need help translating a phrase.

    I think your toranslation is perfect, though I could not see the attached page!
    The original sentence is starange.

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