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Thread: the PUB

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    the PUB

    hmm... a thread which where you post questions and other members try to answer whatever it is you asked.

    ok i'll go first. (IT-related)
    which is the better painting program: illust studio, cgillust, paint tool sai, corel painter,or photoshop.

    by "better" I meant which is easier to learn and fully make use of its functions. and if possible please rank the programs.

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    Re: the PUB

    I haven't tried cgillust or paint tool sai. So I can't really say much on those two. Paint tool sai looks really basic and easy to use from the images I've seen. xD!

    Out of the other three programs, I would say for ease of use:

    1 - illust studio
    2 - corel painter
    3 - photoshop (ps)

    I always try out the free demos (if they're available) from the net and see how I like it. =) PS is by far the best overall imo. You've probably made up your mind by now haha~

    Ok, my turn:

    iPad or Galaxy Tab? There are so many on the market now.

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