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Thread: Toshokan Guide and Info

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    Toshokan Guide and Info

    Welcome to the Toshokan section of Naruto here at Mangahelpers!

    The Toshokan section is separated into 4 sections, each with their own purpose. Here is a list of the sections and a short description of each:
    • Toshokan - The main board of Toshokan is where you can discuss everything thats character or jutsu related.
    • Hokages Office - This is where we put all "outdated" threads now. If a thread has lacked activity (no posts) in six months, we put them here, but we do not lock them. This means that if you guys want to "revive" a thread in the Hokage's Office, you're free to post in them and we'll move them back if it regains some activity!
    • Lost Toshokan - This is basically where all of the old discussions/topics that can no longer be discussed due to the topic being sufficiently answered by the manga. If you think any of them should be brought to attention again, please contact a mod.
    • Konoha Print - Databooks, volume covers, interviews and all "press" and "print" related discussions can be found here.
    In order to keep the section tidy and welcoming, here are a few guidelines for you guys to follow:
    1. Please look to see if there is a thread before making one. Don't create redundant threads.
    2. Please name your threads clearly. Don't name your threads like this: "What if suddenly..."
    3. Prefix the thread in accordingly (more on section prefixes below)
    4. Please abide by the rules inside the General Rules, Guidelines, and Forum Etiquette thread.
    If you guys have inquiries/problems related to Naruto, please feel free to PM our Naruto section moderators or a Global/Admin. For a list of the Naruto staff, please see the Forum Leaders Thread.


    Threads on the main Toshokan page are labeled with the following prefixes:

    * Character - For Character specific topics e.g. Madara Mega Convo or The Official Hatake Kakashi thread
    * Discussion - All threads that don't fit in with the other prefixes should have this prefix. It's a very "general" prefix.
    * Info - Used for Rule/Info Threads and therefore for mods ONLY.
    * Jutsu - For Jutsu specific threads e.g. The Edo Tensei thread
    * Theory - Used for all "theory" related topics. Basically any topic that requires speculation.

    Konoha Prints

    Threads in the Konoha Print section are labeled with the following prefixes:

    * Databook
    I - For discussions regarding the first databook.
    * Databook II - For discussions regarding the second databook.
    * Databook III - For discussions regarding the third databook.
    * Info - Used for Rule/Info Threads and therefore for mods ONLY.
    * Request - Request a translation.
    * Discussion - General use prefix.

    Spoiler/New Chapter Rules

    Please DO NOT create any threads to discuss the most recent chapter anywhere or do not make a post talking about the most recent chapter out of its designated thread for 48 hours after the chapter is released. This is to give ample time for everyone to read the chapter and thus avoiding spoiling everyone. This rule will be strictly enforced.

    Thanks for reading. Have fun!!
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