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Thread: Konoha and Rinnegan

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    Konoha and Rinnegan

    Rinnengan and Konoha.
    Now that we think about it, Konoha has 5 pair of rinnengan' eyes in his power, do you think Madara will aim for those eyes?, as we saw the pain Jiraiya killed still had the rinnengan during his autopsy and pain still was far from Konoha.

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    Re: Hinata, Rinnengan, Konoha and Akatsuki's hideout location.

    I don't think those Rinnegans are for real. Likely the bodies only had them because they were under the Rinnegan's spell. Just like the Kyuubi had Sharingan-like eyes when under Tobi's influence. Even if they still have those eyes, they're as useful as the normal eyes of someone controlled by a Sharingan, imo.

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