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Thread: Anime Resource Thread

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    Anime Resource Thread

    This is a resource thread for finding, and downloading anime. Over the years I have found that many fans do not always know how to find, download, and play anime. Many Otaku Theater regulars will already know everything posted here. If so, please feel free to post add anything interesting you know. Do not ask about streaming sites. I don't stream, never have streamed, and don't know.

    Download and Playback
    • CCCP: Combined Community Codex Pack. Allows playback of MKV, AVI, and pretty much every video container currently used. 10bit video and FLAC audio compatible. Includes Media Player Classic video player. CCCP has it's flaws, but overall I find it is the most user friendly, easy to use codex, and is compatible with pretty much everything. K-Lite is a good alternative.
    • uTorrent: A lightweight, secure, user friendly downloading client.
    Once uTorrent and CCCP are installed, you can start downloading. Both are quick and easy to install, and take up very little memory. Default settings are fine for both programs, no technical expertise is necessary. Torrent is much faster than direct download, especially for large files, like movies or batches.

    Finding Subs
    • Nyaa: My favorite torrent tracker. I used to use Tokyotosho, but Nyaa is easier to search and updates more quickly. You should be able to find almost anything you want to watch on Nyaa, including older show.
    • Myanimelist: In addition to the obvious, MAL also allows members to rate fansub groups. Near the bottom of every Anime series detail page, under forum discussion links, you can find ratings for every group that subs a series. It's a nice way to sort through various available subs, especially useful when looking for completed series.
    • thoranime and coalgirls: Both specialize in subbing higher quality blu ray raws. Plenty of other groups also sub from BD, and do it just as well. thorA and Coal Girl are both good places to find movie and OVA releaes, usually at much higher quality than some of the random releases posted to nyaa and tokyotosho
    • BakaBT: A good site to find well seeded torrents of older series. Membership required.
    I will not watch Horriblesubs unless there are no other options. All they do are site rips from Crunchyroll. Their subs are usually the first ones out. It pays to wait a few hours for better releases.

    News Sources
    • Yaraon: Japanese blog, and anime news source.
    • Otakomu: Japanese blog site, and source for many of the PV's posted on English speaking sites.
    • Anime News Network: Almost too obvious to add, but I know that a lot of people don't regularly check ANN. Translates almost all significant anime news including new season announcements, PV's, and general anime news. They translate Oricon blu-ray, DVD, and manga rankings every week.
    • Box Office Mojo: International box office charts, including Japan. Best place to check box office for anime movies.
    • Anichart: Lists all currently airing anime by season, with a timer counting down to when the next episode airs. Includes the day and time every show airs in Japan.
    Mangahelpers will always have a thread for the current and upcoming season stickied, on the Otaku Theater homepage. Past seasons can be found in the Retro Theater.
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