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Thread: First time cleaning a JUMP scan.

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner Artistses's Avatar
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    First time cleaning a JUMP scan.


    Spoiler show

    My cleaned version:

    Spoiler show

    I can point out a few things wrong:
    • Dust
    • A bit blurry, imo.
    • Blacks aren't blacks (but I'm not worrying about the blacks and grays).

    It's my first time, so give me some pointers, tips, hints, etc. I want to improve.

    I used Photoshop and Neat Image(also first time trying it out). If you have any tips for using Neat Image, I'll be glad to hear it.
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    Re: First time cleaning a JUMP scan.

    Personally I don't try to do too much to magazine raws. They're supposed to look rough, if you want tankoubon quality, buy the tankoubon. But I digress.

    Level a little more, and go in manually with the burn tool/black brush and make the blacks black. Leave the grays alone, seriously. Apart from that, leave well enough alone.

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