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Thread: One Piece Anime Review - Episode 667 by ProGoddess

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    One Piece One Piece Anime Review - Episode 667 by ProGoddess

    Yo! My One Piece friends! It was suggested that One Piece Review be revived. Though there seemed to be no intention of the anime version, however, I thought that since I have been a regular anime-viewer of One Piece, I might as well do the review instead. I do understand that not all One Piece fans watch the animation. But I hope in time to come, fans may get to appreciate the anime more, as well as the movies, in which I have watched almost all that I could find. hehe!

    Ok now, without further ado, let's start our One Piece Anime Review Party!

    Episode 667 - The Admiral`s Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo!

    Spoiler: Dressrosa Arc show

    In the current Dressrosa arc, Law and Luffy have formed an alliance and are going after Doflamingo. From the previous episodes, we have seen the "life and death" battle in the Colosseum for the Mera Mera no Mi - the winning prize - a devil fruit previously belonged to Ace, by which Luffy has been determined to win so that the fruit would not fall into other people's hand. Luffy thus far has won the first round.

    We have also seen that Law was captured by Doflamingo, in which Luffy was heading on to rescue him. Meanwhile in the D Block's match of the last battle of Round 1, Rebecca was shocked by Cavendish's strange behaviour in which the latter fell asleep. But the strange thing was that all those fighters were mysteriously cut down, leaving Rebecca full of puzzlement. The mystery behind this was that Cavendish was a sleepwalker; Hakuba, an alter-ego of Cavendish who awakened while he was sleeping. After all the other fighters have fallen, Rebecca was left standing and she claimed the win.

    It was indeed a "once in a lifetime" experience for Rebecca and we have seen in the last episode that the commentator actually acknowledged Rebecca's victory despite the Colosseum's audience discontentment. (Go for it, Rebecca!)

    Cavendish's unusual condition, an alter-ego, Hakuba was an interesting personality which awakened when Cavendish fell asleep and granted him incredible speed and greater skill. While in the Colosseum, he instantly defeated the twenty strongest fighters in D Block and in the end it led to Rebecca's victory as she was the only one who managed to see and (barely) blocked his attack. No wonder Rebecca looked so exhausted; she had managed to survive from Cavendish's attack with only her helmet flew away and no other injuries. Cavendish was promptly fallen asleep afterwards. ()

    Spoiler: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! show

    The story continued with Viola appearing to Luffy and waiting for him in order to help him to enter the palace. Luffy, with his usual baka-ness, responded positively revealing his real identity in which he shouldn't ().

    Spoiler: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! show

    Meanwhile after Rebecca's victory, the Colosseum battle continued with many of the top Executives of Donquixote's Family withdrawing from the match. However to much satisfaction of the "hard-to-please" audience, Diamante came into the scene which won him a cheer.

    Spoiler: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! show

    Rebecca after winning her Round, returned back to the inside of the Colosseum, was witnessing the other fighters/gladiators being brought in/dragged in and Cavendish (still sleeping and snoring ) was one of them. Of course, there was also another important person in whom Rebecca was deeply grateful to and it was none other than Agilia-san. Without her help, Rebecca would probably be dead by then. All thanks to her, Rebecca pulled through it.

    As Rebecca was pondering over her victory, she saw "Lucy" and Bartolomeo, and waved at them, while trying to inform "Lucy" that she won but realised that the man wasn't him. The latter looked different and responded seriously (unlike Luffy's idiotic tone), telling her that he knew about her "background". "What a freaking thing to know when someone suddenly said he/she knew you!" That was where Sabo (dressed up as "Lucy") started his reminiscence of his past (the flashback).

    Spoiler show

    Let's side track a bit - the boots that Sabo was wearing, reminded me of his boots when he was a kid. He has the similar kind of footwear but I guess it suited him.

    Now, back to the story.

    Sabo sure has a lot in his mind and he has thought through many things that had happened and what probably would be happening. I wondered if Luffy had such insight and hindsight. As Rebecca was left dumbfounded, Sabo left her without explaining further of what he had said about her.

    Spoiler: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! show

    Meanwhile at the King's plateau, we have Luffy and team (in their funny outfit which makes me laugh ) who needed the pass of the lift to the entrance of the royal palace where Viola was there to assist them. However, she revealed that their identity would be exposed if they used the lift.

    Finally we have our baka-captain talking nonsensically, "Let's kick the guards' asses and bust in!" But sometimes he would take in some "senses" if one talked sense to him.

    One part of the anime that made me non-stop was their outfit - Fish, Cat and Frog - even Viola felt strange. But the "3 musketeers" didn't seem to think so.

    Ahh.. another flashback ... but this time, it was Sanji since Zoro asked Viola and it was her that "took" Sanji away. Our dear Sanji, as always, his lovey-dovey way of responding to any young female, which is nothing new to us, viewers.

    Truth be told, Sanji was heading to Sunny and he was given a map of the Toy House which was then passed on to the Luffy's team. Viola's identity (Doflamingo's Executive) has finally been revealed to them and the group was quick to know that Viola was not really loyal to Doflamingo but was on a pretense. (Good thinking, boys and Wicca! )

    Little Wicca has finally spoken and thank goodness Viola remembered her. Viola's devil fruit ability was indeed incredible and the story-telling in the form of flashbacks told us many things about her and how she had been observing the people - the Tontatta dwarves, the one-legged soldier (Kyros), her niece (Rebecca) and the SOP battle plan.

    Spoiler: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! show

    Let's change scene - to the Toy House where Franky was there. It seemed that our "roboto" was having a fun time, smashing anything and everything. His "Franky Rocket Launcher" was so dangerous that sent all those fodders running for their lives. While one of the missiles was aiming at Senor Pink, the latter was busy brushing his teeth, molar and tongue with a shoe brush! But surprisingly he did not get away from Franky's attack as he claimed that his Sui Sui no Mi ability was not used to "swim" away from enemy and he would swim as and when he liked. "Such a rebel!" The team exclaimed. (Those fanservice of girls - oh dear....) Da-in, Ton-ton ... funny fatty flying! What kind of ability was that, Machvise?

    While in the fighting commotion, the Marines finally showed up. i thought that they were gonna missed the boat. Ahh.. their target was Franky?

    Spoiler: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! show

    Ohhh.. our Doflamingo appeared! At the second half of the episode. I have been wondering when he was going to show up with Fujitora since the title was supposed to be about them. So, what the blind Admiral gonna do? What was his verdict for Doflamingo? This guy's eyes seemed to be "opened" (despite his physical blindness). I was kinda glad that he said he wasn't on Doflamingo's side, but he wasn't on the Straw Hat's either (oh well...). All he wanted was to contain or minimise the civilians' damage while the Marines got involved in the fight. He appeared to be very analytical toward the current situation between Doflamingo and Luffy which he predicted that it would cause massive destruction in their fight. However his sense of justice wished to prevent it if it was so. From the way Fujitora said it, it seemed like he was going to stop Luffy from killing Doflamingo that would eventually lead to a major damage to the civilians, and then he would deal with Doflamingo afterwards. (That definitely sounded like a Marine Admiral would say and do, for the sake of the people.) However Fujitora also had another motive (or goal) and that was to abolish the Shichibukai system. He had also done his homework well in his investigation of the past events and histories which involved the Marines, the Shichibukai and the Yonko, and how those different powers would influence the world, disrupt or hold its balance.

    Oh boy! Doflamingo was furious, that he attacked Fujitora without even had the patient to finish listening to Fujitora. He really lost his cool, didn't he? He was even called the "Heavenly Demon" by Fujitora. When facing such a big threat, I was pretty sure that Doflamingo would retaliate but Fujitora wasn't in a hurry to "deal" with Doflamingo yet. Instead he mentioned about the World Conference - Reverie in which he dropped a hint on some changes that would happen to the world. Whether Doflamingo liked it or not wasn't a big concern to Fujitora.

    Wow! That was quite a heavy dialogue from Fujitora. It was as if what he said would be happening and he seemed to be very confident of it.

    Spoiler: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! show

    The scene switched to Luffy's team and they got to know that Viola was a Princess of Dressrosa, King Riku's daughter, Princess Scarlet's sister and Rebecca's aunt. But our dear friend Luffy did not know how to acknowledge her discreetly.

    With Viola's help, Luffy's team was able to get into the palace's entrance through a hidden door, an emergency passage which had been kept secret by the King Riku Family.

    Of course it was going to be easy for the Rubber-man. All he needed to do was to stretch long his arms to reach the top, while the rest would use the pulley to go up.

    Spoiler: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo! show

    While there was so much happening inside the Colosseum, the battle tournament was still going on which had reached the "Finals". It was then that the "Mera Mera no Mi" was officially displayed and introduced to the public.

    Out of the five contenders, who will win and get the devil fruit? Sabo, being the first one, entered the ring. It is going to be very exciting. We also have Koala who has come to support him.

    "Watch over me, Ace!" Sabo declared to heaven. Would Ace grant him victory and bless him with his devil fruit?


    I like this episode. Though there was plentiful of fanservice inserted but the show was still fun to watch. These "gags" gave me a lot of laughter. But the part on the Senor Pink's girls gave me goose pimples.

    In this episode, Luffy and team have reached the hidden passage in which they should be reaching the palace's entrance soon. I guess Viola will be reunited with her father and niece as well.

    I'm kinda concerned for Cavendish since he has been sleeping so soundly. He better wake up or else.. it's not going to be something good that would happen. I think that goes for Agilia too since she was seriously injured.

    Doflamingo losing his cool and attacked Fujitora was quite a surprise to me. He has always been portrayed as someone who acted calm and would not act without thinking, but his sudden attack on Fujitora must be his overwhelming rage accumulated. Fujitora was also another cunning one, who knew where and how to push the button to provoke Doflamingo. Both parties have their own agenda, after all. Let's see who win who, or who lost to who?
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