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Thread: "Suwappu no basho" - Swap Places in Japanese - Sasuke's One Ability and it's Limits

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    "Suwappu no basho" - Swap Places in Japanese - Sasuke's One Ability and it's Limits

    1) I believe there is a cool down time, because if their wasn't he could do multiple switches at a time to reach to a far location.
    2) Sasuke's ability is on the same transmission speed as Minato and Tobirama's.
    3) Sasuke's ability does not require a weapon or a touch with a seal in order for the transmission to work, whereas Minato and Tobirama's does.
    4) Sasuke's ability is limited in distance whereas Minato and Tobirama's are unlimited in distance.
    5) For Sasuke's transmission to work, his left eye has to view an object or simply an area for him to switch places with. It's weak in that respect if you can blind that one sharingan eye from seeing a location.
    6) He cannot switch places with his eyes closed.
    7) There may be another cool down time for how many times he can use the ability in general...seeing as how he had to close his eye when Naruto re-made Kakashi's eye.

    If you have anything to add or you disprove of anything in this list, please don't hesitate to share.

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    Re: "Suwappu no basho" - Swap Places in Japanese - Sasuke's One Ability and it's Limits

    That seems pretty accurate so far. I expect we're likely to see a bit more of the ability, and maybe get some specifics. There are a few questions remaining about the ability that I'd like to see addressed, particularly its limits.

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