Hi everyone, it's Stiltzkin here, kupo! ★

I'm new on this forum, kupo. Well, I'm not really new on forum-ing, just new on this forum. I would love to talk about anime & manga, especially One Piece. I also like to watch anime and read other manga but not so intense like One Piece― around fantasy, adventure, and friendship themed anime & manga. Hahah..

I love Final Fantasy (and it's Moogles!) thus implied my username, kupo.
A traveling moogle, can be identified by golden fur. Speaks unbroken English, and rarely, if ever, says "kupo".
I love color yellow and gold, kupo! But not only Final Fantasy, I also love playing RPG on various console― the adventure genre one, kupo! Like Suikoden, Mana series, Chrono, Legend series, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

AND I still need guidance here, yoroshiku onegaishimasu~