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Thread: Welcome to the Culture Clash section!

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    Welcome to the Culture Clash section!

    Just la la la la la
    It goes around the world
    Just la la la la la
    It's all around the world

    Welcome to the Culture Clash section! I'm Blai and I will be your host for ths*

    The Culture Clash is a section dedicated to the countries and cultures around the world. Here you share your vacation memories and tips as well as discussing ancient civilisations.

    Here, you can also learn other languages, as the language learning threads has been moved to this section. So if you have to counter difficult grammar, you can always ask for help in here.
    This is a section, not so different from the World Topic Forum, in terms of post qualities and requirements.

    But it's very, very important that you use the language threads for learning, not for hang-outs as those threads are located in the International Resort

    This is a sub-section under the General Discussion which means that the GD rules also applies here. For more information see THIS thread.

    Have fun exploring the nations and cultures of this world and make sure to stop by again!


    Just la la la la la
    It goes around the world
    Just la la la la la
    It's all around the world
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