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Thread: triple blossom state

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    Lightbulb triple blossom state

    Beyond-Triple-World-Law Cultivation

    By performing Falun Gong exercises, practitioners can make their meridians wider and wider, connecting them to become a whole. That is, a person cultivates to a state in which there are no meridians or acupuncture points, or conversely, meridians and acupuncture points exist everywhere. That still doesn’t mean that he or she has attained the Dao—it’s only one form of manifestation in the process of Falun Gong cultivation, and a reflection of one level. When that stage is reached, the person is at the end of Triple-World-Law cultivation. The gong he or she has developed will be quite powerful and will have finished taking shape. Also, the person’s gong pillar will be really high and the three flowers will appear atop his or her head. But at this point the person has merely taken the last step of Triple-World-Law cultivation.

    When another step forward is taken, there will be nothing left, as all of the person’s abilities will be pressed into the body’s deepest dimension and he or she will enter the Pure-White Body state, where the body is transparent. With one more step forward, this person will enter into Beyond-Triple-World-Law cultivation, which is also known as “cultivation of a Buddha’s body.” The abilities developed at that stage belong to the category of supernatural powers. The practitioner will have unlimited powers at that point and will have become incredibly mighty. Upon reaching higher realms, he or she will cultivate to become a great enlightened being. All of this relies on how you cultivate your character. Whichever level you cultivate to is the level of your Attainment Status. Dedicated cultivators find a true cultivation way and achieve Rightful Attainment, which is Perfection.

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    Re: triple blossom state


    I'm confused. I think you might be in the wrong series section.
    Perhaps, it is Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School?

    Spoiler: Cultivation of Buddha's body Geukji High Style show

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