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Thread: my Fairy Tail fan fiction :)

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    my Fairy Tail fan fiction :)

    Flowers that Bloom in the Rain: is my Fairy Tail drabble collection. It's where I post my Fairy Tail oneshots, I have a couple few but so far I've published just two:

    Title: So as Not to See the Tears
    Character(s): Erza, Mirajane
    Summary: Erza tries to console Mira. Will they finally patch up their differences?
    Warnings: Pre-anime and manga. Spoilers for Lisanna... (Or chapters later than 55: "So as not to see the tears".)

    Title: Scarlet
    Character(s): Erza, Gerard
    Summary: Gerard starts to remember Erza... a little bit too late.
    Warnings: This takes place /is based on Fairy Tail manga chapter 163. Spoilers ahead.

    Well, I hope you'd want to try it, I'm open for comments and critics
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