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Thread: Body drawing guidelines help!

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    Body drawing guidelines help!

    Hello, Vincent here
    I need help on drawing bodies, I'm at a disadvantage with no computer so i joined this forum to support my improvement in drawings and so it would be easier for me and my phone!

    Anyways, back to the point, I need help on drawing bodies, I can draw and measure the length of the body in a stickman version for guidelines but then I don't know how to build that up! It's tricky for me. I'm not sure how thick to build it up n' stuff.

    Anyways, I need some good advice or some sort of explanation about bodies Or if you can, send me a link to a website which will provide me with amazing knowledge! >:3 Or any sort of image that might help.

    I've just joined and haven't read the rules yet but I hope there's nothing here braking the rules x3!

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    Re: Body drawing guidelines help!

    Hey^^ I think proportions would be a good step on drawing, so I found an image on DA showing a lot of body proportions. Here.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure if you'll be able to check the image from your phone, so here's some text explaining:
    Spoiler show

    I'm not a drawing expert at all, so maybe other people will have better tips for you, but I hope that this will help somehow!

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