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Thread: Staff Recruitment Area: Information and Guidelines

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    Staff Recruitment Area: Information and Guidelines

    Welcome to Mangahelpers Staff Recruitment forum! Come here to recruit new members for any position your group is interested in filling. Please take a moment to look over these basic guidelines for posting in this forum.

    Prefixes Used In This Forum:
    • Translators: For recruiting translators.
    • Cleaners: For recruiting cleaners and editors.
    • Typesetters: For recruiting typesetters.
    • Proofreaders: For recruiting quality checkers and translation proofreaders.
    • Assorted: Looking for multiple positions.
    Formatting Thread Title:
    • Thread title should include group name and positions desired.
    • [Name of Group] are recruiting [Position Needed].
    Providing additional information is optional. Remember: the more relevant information is provided, the more likely someone is to respond. Some suggested information:
    • Link to group website.
    • List of group projects.
    • Specific job description and requirements.
    • Experience level desired.
    • Specific skills desired.
    In order to maintain an organized forum, recruitment threads will be removed six months after being started. Should a position still be open, and still desired, six months after being posted, please feel free to start a new thread.

    Individuals looking for a group to join can post in the Translators Directory or the Scanlators Directory.

    Please, do not recruit to work on any hentai or guro manga.
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