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Thread: Aisheteru Scans are recruiting!

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    Aisheteru Scans are recruiting!

    Aisheteru Scans is a group that translates English > Tagalog. We are a non-profit organization bringing readers a variety language of reading. We are consists of 3 translators, 1 typesetter, 1 editor, and 1 quality checker. Our projects consist of anything but yaoi/yuri/smut/ecchi/hentai/mature or any explicit content.

    • Tagalog Translator
    • Cleaner
    • Typesetter
    • Editor
    • Quality Checker

    Tagalog Translator needs to understand English in order for them to translate into Tagalog. As well as, the basic and understanding of grammars and punctuation.
    Cleaner needs to clean out text and SFX from bubbles, box, thoughts, speeches, and any where that needs to be cleaned out of. They do not need to edit the scans unless they were told so.
    Typesetter needs to type in the translated text into the scans, and to make sure they used the right font for these translation.
    Editor is the combination of both Cleaner and Typesetter.
    Quality Checker needs to check the overall status of all of the scans are put out correctly, and whether there are any mistakes or not on the final job. Once everything is fixed, the project will be released.

    The positions AS is hiring does not require you to have experience, but if you do; please show an example of your work when you register. We do not have training, but we'll provide you tips and tutorials on how to do your job.

    Website: AS Homepage
    Projects:Group Projects
    Forums: AS Forum

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    Re: Aisheteru Scans are recruiting!

    Another month has been passed...past...o-o
    Translators [5/10] We increased the maximum amount to +5 because it was full, and we need lots of more due to lack of translators for earlier projects.
    Cleaners [2/5] It increased a lot the last time I checked.
    Typesetter [1/5] URGENT
    Editors [2/5] ...Well..I really need redrawer...I wonder...
    Quality Checkers [1/5] Come on Qcer! Where are you?!

    We do not have a test and do not require you to have experience. Just so you know, this is a Tagalog group; so if you join and question me about "Why is this not in English?" then it's your own fault for not reading everything I type in here. If you have any questions, leave me a reply.
    The reason why we add a Proofreader in the credits page is that because two of your translators (which is me and lizbrine) are beginners, and are afraid of your mistakes.

    Please drop me a comment or PM on batoto.
    Apply on our forums:

    Here are the updates on our Projects,
    Aka no Yuuwaku (Releasing on May 19th)
    A Bias Girl Chapter 1 (Released)
    A Bias Girl Chapter 2 (Translating)
    Anata e no Crescendo Episode 1 (Released)
    Anata e no Crescendo Episode 2 (Translating)
    Houkago Chocolate (Typesetting)
    Kingdom Chapter 1 (Translating/Cleaning)
    Kingdom Chapter 2 (Translating)
    Kingdom Chapter 3 (Cleaner)
    I might need to re-order this thing by separating Released and working :3 Also the first post is updated♥

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