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Thread: The “Looking For” Manhwa and Manhua Thread

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    Need help finding this manhua please!

    Hello people Nice meeting you all! I'm here on behalf of about a hundred people searching for this one. Nobody seems to remember the title or artist of this manhua,and after days of searching, decided this is neither Japanese nor Korean. We only have the detailed plot, and it's like this:

    It's a historical romance fantasy with adventures. The story's set in what seems like Tang Dynasty or at least people wear what resembles old dynasties' costumes. The heroine is a cheeky princess and she's got a personal guard who will later marry the princess. They go through a lot of adventures and cliche'd romance scenes after the princess escapes, so nobody remembers their story with any clarity.

    The main focus of our search is the third party of the triangle. He's a son of a concubine, but not of the emperor; the emperor brought a widow of a tribal chief as a concubine soley for the purpose of getting the son. The emperor covets the boy and abandons the concubine; she withers and dies, and the son protests against harsh treatments on his mother. Overcame with lust, the emperor rapes the boy. The only reason the boy didn't run away afterward is because he loved the princess. But the princess despises the boy as the emperor favors him.

    The emperor is assasinated by courtiers. The next target is the princess, the heir. The son of the concubine (hereafter I'll call him C) manages to have her and her guard escape. Of course not without protest, as the heroine suspects of C wanting the throne for himself. But the guard knows his good intentions and drags the princess away. C secretly promises the guard that he'll seize the throne and when it becomes safe, he'll call them and pass the throne to the princess.

    So the princess and her beloved guard go on an adventure. Meanwhile C becomes the emperor and eventually marries himself to the daughter of the assassin in order to divulge his nature. But he refuses to have marital relationship with the queen in order not to have any progeny of himself. The queen and the assassin, now impatient to get the throne, plans another assassination. The emperor arrests them. Now his work is done.The princess and the guard returns to the capital. C kills himself. The empress is crowned.

    It's probably published in 90s. Drawing's similar to that of husigi yuugi, people say.

    If you have any idea what this manhua is, please help us! Or please ask people around you if they remember this. Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: The “Looking For” Manhwa and Manhua Thread

    In Akagi there is apparently an arc where they play in team of 2 where the partners have to help their captain win. Does anyone know where in the manga or in the anime it is ?

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