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Thread: Teresa

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    Claymore Teresa

    Character Name: Teresa

    Gender: Female

    Named After: Goddess Teresa of the Twin Goddesses of Love

    Character Title: Teresa of the Faint Smile

    Character Type 1: Claymore

    Character Type 2:

    Era: Teresa's Era

    Rank: 1

    Status: Traitor -> Deceased or "Alive in Clare/Destroyer"


    Home Town:

    Hair Style: Medium Length and Curly-Wavy Hair

    Hair Color: Blonde Hair

    Human Appearance: Black Eyes and Black Hair


    Abilities: PYSA, Supreme Power, Supreme Strength, Supreme Speed, Supreme Attack Quickness, Supreme Agility, Supreme Reaction Time, Supreme Swordsmanship,

    (discuss Teresa)
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    Re: Teresa

    Honestly... Teresa and Clarice Starling had something in common: Both were amazing female characters with lame ends... Btw what did Clare's dream about Teresa mean to you? To me it meant Clare had envy of her skills and yet missed her all at the same time, but then again it could mean that that bit of Teresa awakened in her...

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