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Thread: Comic Blog

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    Comic Blog

    Do you guys read comic blogs
    It seems the new way for modern authors to make themselves know. There are a lot which are not really worth but some are really good

    From French artists, I read
    • Boulet one of the most famous one, he has an english version but it's not updated lately
    • Guy Delisle, his wife works for MSF and he has amazing experience abroad that he share with us with great humor
    • Allan Bart, the drawing is simple but so funny unfortunatly post are irregular
    • Marion Montaig or how make science fun

    There are links toward English bloggers in Boulet page but I was always to lazy to have a look at them
    Spoiler: dragon ball by Boulet show
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    Re: Comic Blog

    Its really great and thanks for sharing your blogs. I love to read comics.
    Love to read books such as Comic,Novels & Comics

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