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Thread: I also need help with a Color Page

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    I also need help with a Color Page

    I also have a Color Title page that i need help with editing while the "Stampede" part of the title is already in English i still need help in getting the rest of the text to say "The Story Of Professor Minovsky" as usual i have know experience with editing over backgrounds of more then one color, I am as usual willing to credit you if you want it but i have to know what you want to be called. Finally here is the link to the picture

    FYI: i have two more pics i need help with, in what i assume are increasing difficulty, I would like to ask the mods if i should do 2 threads (One for each page at a time) or 1 thread for them both?

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    Re: I also need help with a Color Page

    I PMed you the page.

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