Um, so I saw the division of sections on the forum, but this is not about that, really I thought of something just then, with the rising popularity of manhwa and other types of comics from these far eastern countries is manga the cause for their popularization? I mean we all know that manga and anime are the primary thing that started this, but I seriously think mangas have not shown their full potential yet as far as we know. And will more people switch to reading these other comics which are interesting and similar to manga but somehow the core seems unbalanced now. Generally it was the love of manga and anime that brought discussion what has happened to it over the years, many say popularity has grown, is there a chance for international popularization of the other genres and types and demographics of manga? Like we all know shounen is the way to go for many right? When you say manga, someone replies "Oh yeah like that Naruto comic", but for me that is the problem manga has been stereotyped and locked within certain parts of it. Is it perhaps that the popularity in Japan is unreachable for the world and that it would remain that certain series never be known to the international community? And where do these new comics form various other countries come into all of this? What about them?