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Thread: Roxanne

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    Claymore Roxanne

    Name: Roxanne

    Title: Love and Hate (presumably given to her by the other Claymores), and priorly as Blades of Evil (sharing together with Uranus) when Roxanne was lower-weaker in rank.

    Ranks: 35->11->5->2->1

    Eras: Cassandra's -> Roxanne's

    Abilities: Blade of Evil, Yoki Synchronization, Blindness-Level of Acute Yoki Sensing, Ambidextrous (can fight with both hands), Full Yoki Suppresion, (maybe) the Elegant/Beautiful Sword (I don't think the manga ever says if she has this or not - correct me if wrong!),



    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenstar
    Roxanne of Love and Hate

    ~from what i see she is observant & intelligent thus she excels and is experienced in assessing both her opponent & the battle situation around her
    ~her initial ability "Yoki Synchronization" gives her great potential and adaptability in battle
    ~she has mastered & maybe even surpassed the "Evil Sword" technique of former no.31 Uranus
    ~she has mastered & maybe even surpassed the "Yoki Perception & One Eyed Fighting" technique of former no.9 Neideen
    ~she has mastered & maybe even surpassed the "Beautiful Sword" technique of former the former no.5 Elizabeth
    ~she has practiced her left handed fighting style with Cassandra herself
    ~she has developed a technique to completely hide her yoki from a particular target
    ~she has a sick & twisted personality therefore fighting dirty & using an enemy's emotion to her advantage is not above her
    *she might still have continued to improved when she became no.1 but we know nothing of the events after Cass's death..

    ~she might become over confident & she toy's with her opponents which might give her opponent a chance to beat her
    *her techniques might have weaknesses that we might not know of
    *she also might have a lower amount of yoki due to the fact she was given a low rank initially ( "yoki volume" I think is one if not the most important factor/s in determining a trainees initial rank since they only have the basic skill & they lack experience.. I don't know if yoki volume can be increase with age, skill or experience but i believe it affects the potential power of a warrior )
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