Most of us here are probably more into reading manga instead of manhwa or manhua, but that doesn't mean that we don't read manhwa or manhua. For those who read those three kinds of comics, what do you guys think are the strengths and weaknesses of manhwa and manhua? It can be compared to manga, or can be compared to either manhwa or manhua.

Please do take it easyas you are discussing this topic; we do not want to bash manga/manhwa/manhua. We simply want to analyze their strong and weak points. Keep it safe and fun, okay? ^^

I'll start with manhwa. I would say the artwork of manhwa is more realistic. That gives a different touch compared to manga, which tends to be drawn with fantasy-style. In case of plot, I think I would give same score for both manga and manhwa.

As for manhua, I think I haven't read that many manhua to actually give a proper answer, but they also have a different artwork style. Not as fantasy-ish as manga, but also not very much like a reality. A good balance, in my opinion.

What do you guys think?