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Thread: [2012/07/05-08] Japan Expo 13th Impact in Paris

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    [2012/07/05-08] Japan Expo 13th Impact in Paris

    Aaaand, we have an official date!

    Japan Expo 2012 will be held from July 05-08, as always in Paris.

    The JExpo is the biggest manga and anime convention in continental Europe, featuring every year a large number of famous mangaka, Japanese actors and anime creators, J-pop singers and whatever else you always wanted to see. It's mainly for a French audience, of course, but all the staff speaks English and as someone who doesn't understand a single sentence of French, I can still highly recommend it! And if it's only for you drowning in merchandise shops and a really good time among fellow fans~

    In 2009, I managed to get an autograph by CLAMP - my highest manga fan peak so far <---- more info!

    Again in 2012, I really want to go! Maybe this is a good spot for a meeting too? The weekend ticket is really cheap compared to other big cons and depending on where you live in Europe, it isn't exactly too expensive to get to Paris. It just requires some early booking.

    So - who else is interested?

    ♥ Sorry, I'm Late. But I Got Lost On The Road Of Life. ♥

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    Re: [2012/07/05-08] Japan Expo 13th Impact in Paris

    As I failed this year because of work I'm definitely going there next year
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    Re: [2012/07/05-08] Japan Expo 13th Impact in Paris

    I'm always down for a trip if I can get away!! Plus I wanna meet eni!

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