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Thread: Claymore 121 Discussion

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    Re: Claymore 121 Disc/122 Pred Thread

    i liked Roxanne's form too, and i was surprised that Cassandra managed to dodge her attacks.. now it got interesting and Hysteria - she was my fav of those three but her form left me disappointed i expected something like destroyer something elegant, godly or fast-looking

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    Quote Originally Posted by zushiko View Post

    If I remember correctly when they fought an awakened former # 2 they didnt even had a scratch and now even when they dont have Clare I think they would stand a chance somehow. Cynthia, Tabitha and Yuma should heal or support Raftela's group, Audreys group and the Shrimp twins.
    well i think it is not a mistake to say that claymore's strength goes exponencially with rank (at least in single digits), i think fighting #2 and #1 is not the same story btw are these three average or better in terms of normal #1 strength i dont remember now but arent they stronger?

    i dont think ghosts have ay chances of survival against 3 AO they may be on par with 1
    + Miria is done and Clare is missing i dont know whats gonna happen with Roxy-Cassie nor Hysteria ( they dont necessarily have to be interested in fighting 'weaklings' or anyone) but i think Glatea+Miata would help a lot i know Galatea's performances were always questionable (she doesnt seem to have any 'real' technique aganst skilled oponent or something but i believe she was worth #3 back then and i genuinely believe she is experienced enough to put a fight with AO and survive somehow)

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    Re: Claymore 121 Disc/122 Pred Thread

    The one thing that the Ghosts have to their advantage is that Roxanne and Cassandra are fighting each other. If they can manage to beat Hysteria, than maybe they could kill the weakened winner of that fight. Personally though I figure that we'll either get a big damn heroes from Claire, or a big damn villians from Priscilla.

    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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    Re: Claymore 121 Disc/122 Pred Thread

    I loved the chapter simply becuz of cassy/ roxane cat fight. Omg cassandra is such a boss as AO. I was so excited becuz of Cassandra's awakened form, disspointed with ROxane's form... I thought its gonna be something grotesque to suit her personality. Cuz lets face it, she was one of the "evil" warriors. Whats up with Hysteria?! One of my fav characters just got destroyed with that pathetic form. She has no hands? and some lame bug feet..agggh She should just revert to human form and take out the sword by herself... i thought we gonna have Ressurected warriors on color page oh well. Nvm. Still enjoyed the chap. I dont want ghost to beat New Ao's yet. i want Ao's to remain :cry

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